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Das Welt Auto

Volkswagen Certified!

Volkswagen India brings the best of German engineering for you to explore and own. From our most well received Polo to the elitist Volkswagen cars – the Passat and the Tiguan, every car boasts of supreme Volkswagen built quality and advanced technology.

Well, the supreme quality and technology is not just limited to our new cars.

Volkswagen India brings you an opportunity to fulfil your dream of driving the best and experiencing the best. And hence, we take pride in introducing to you DasWelt Auto.

Here, every pre-owned car is certified with the Volkswagen built and quality only after going through a comprehensive multi-point inspection. Whether you are someone looking to own a car or sell a car or even exchange, we have it all sorted for you.

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Das Welt Advantages

If it is a Volkswagen certified pre-owned car, it comes with a plethora of benefits!

Easy trade-in/exchange process

Attractive finance options​

160+ point evaluation checklist​

Genuine Parts for reconditioning process

Comprehensive Warranties​

Vehicle customisation​​​

Best market price​​

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Affordability Calculator

Want to know ascertain your calculations and budgets? ‘Affordability Calculator’ helps you calculate the car price that you can afford with a given monthly figure that you are ready to pay every month.

All you have to do is provide monthly payment, affordable down-payment, and number of instalments. On the basis of the above fields the calculator will generate the price that you can afford to buy your car. The calculation is only for illustrative purpose and is in Indian rupees (INR).

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Das Welt Advantages

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Das WeltAuto
Division of ŠKODA AUTO Volkswagen India Pvt Ltd
Silver Utopia, 4th floor,
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